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Décoratif 2017


It's often my goal to bring people together with likeminded intentions. I believe as individuals we all have strengths of course, and likewise, we all have weaknesses. As much as people like to focus on their weaknesses, I've made it a practice to work on my strengths instead, and find others who's strengths are my weaknesses. There's a saying, "A chord of many strands is not easily broken." I love that, and believe it.


I also love decorative tattooing. It was my first draw to the craft. I was inclined that way, I suppose by having a pacific islander heritage. Polynesian tribal tattoos were my first love. I have since explored a wide range of genres in tattooing but ornamental, designs still hold my heart and soul.


My idea was to gather some people, some I know, and some I haven't met yet. These people all exhibit a high skill set and understanding of what I consider to be a pivotal and integral genre of tattooing. It's the basis of so much of what we do. The flow, balance, movement, and mood of any tattoo, especially large scale work have their roots deep in ornamental design. May 11, Russ Abbott and Laura Jade will both present their seminars to the group and guests. Russ' presentation is titled, "Hammer & Chisel" (The Intersection of Brute Force and Refined Intent) and Laura Jade will present her's, "The Jade Effect". I'm confident that these two seminars together will be an incredible platform to launch our time together off with creativity, inspiration, and an equipping that will catalyze the rest of the people into a high state of mind. we will spend the evening organizing, planning and exploring the possibilities of the next day's efforts.


May 12, our plan is to collaborate in pairs and small groups on tattoos and other art i.e. paintings, designs, concepts, sketches, perhaps larger projects like books, art exhibits, who knows what else? I have some specific people in mind that I'd like to see work together like Laura jade/Savannah Colleen, but we will have to see how things develop naturally. The last day (optional) will be spent reflecting and enjoying the local Applegate Valley's wine tasting, and each other's company, further planning and exploring possibilities and projects.


The plan is to capture all of this as well by the film company I've been working with for the past few months (Heartisan Films) to produce a great relic and memory for those who attend, and also to inspire, equip, and ignite others to move in a similar direction in their own lives. This will have a limited attendance because of the space available, (Approximately 30 people). I hope to have you join us.


           Jeff Gogué

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I've been distracted.

My new year resolution is to strip away the inhibitions... On that note, I have resolved to blog more, to create more, and to share more reguardless of criticism, which is one of my inhibitors. 2016 is a new year, and I'm ready to give. 


Drawing Waves Video

Instructional video by Jeff Gogue about his approach to drawing waves. From the foundation to finish.
Podington Bear - Hollow Gold
Lasers - Paris (Stereoboy Remix)

Jeff is teaching at the Boston Worldwide Tattoo Conference June 4-5 2013. 

Waves from Jeff Gogue on Vimeo.


Gut Level Tattooing

 Hello everyone,

I have been asked to give my Seminar, Gut Level Tattooing, at the Seattle Tattoo Expo, in a couple weeks. I took a break from it this year and this is the only time I'll be doing it. I've revised my seminar handbook with updated photos of work. I've had countless responses over the last three years from people saying how much they've benefited from taking my class. I have reserved a larger room this year to accommodate plenty of people since it's the only time I'll be doing it. If you want to be challenged, inspired, informed, equipped, and have your tattooing and artistry stepped up? I'd highly recommend taking the time to join me. Visit the Seattle Tattoo Convention website and sign up. You get a full color. forty page workshop manual along with three hours of intense information, and I offer a full money back guarantee if your'e not satisfied. Hope to see you there.


Jeff Gogue